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 SOCOM 1 & 2 Creative Director Making SOCOM-Like Game H-Hour!

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PostSubject: SOCOM 1 & 2 Creative Director Making SOCOM-Like Game H-Hour!   Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:19 pm

They are raising money on kickstarter right now. They are at 50% of their goal.

Quote :
Release / Important Date(s)

  • Full release January 2015, but i'm hoping they move it up to Nov 2014.

  • There will be a Developers vs Kickstarter Backers tournament at some point.

  • Mobile app March 2015 (tentative).

  • Single player is scheduled to launch 6 months post the multiplayer release of H-Hour. It is likely to be less than 20hrs of gameplay, DLC will add to the single player.

  • First H-Hour DLC will launch 3-4 months after the initial release.

Beta Timelines

  • There will be a beta for PS4.

  • July 2014 (closed beta - early kickstarter backers, etc.)


  • 7.1 Surround sound.

  • 1080p on PC and PS4 @ 60fps.

  • Patching / Content will generally be simultaneous, however patches may be developed per platform to fix bugs.

  • LAN play will be available.

  • There will be no map editor, however you can make your own maps, for LAN use.


  • H-hour will be very akin to SOCOM I & II: realistic, tactical, close quarters, but certainly fun ("arcadey" where necessary).

  • Game will ship as a multi-player experience only, at first. A campaign will follow down the road.

  • H-Hour will be round based.

  • H-Hour will only take 2-3 bullets to kill, keeping the game tactical and cover based.

  • H-Hour will be 3rd person, with a 1st person view ala SOCOM I & II (Zoom), the camera will be centered behind the back, like old SOCOMs.

  • There will be similar maps to some of our old SOCOM favs, but of course will different names and likeness to limit liability (ie, being sued).

  • Vote to Kick (thank GOD!). Will address the issue of votes giving warnings to alive team-mates.

  • DLC will always be free for "maps, guns, etc." (aka: non-exclusionary & non-pay-to-win). Vanity, etc., will be paid for.

  • Every map will be focused on a particular game mode, if it happens to support more than one game mode naturally, it will, otherwise there will be one map per game mode - ala SOCOMs of yore.

  • There will be 2 DLC packs per year (currently scheduled).

  • Personnel / Characters: Special Forces (globally) vs Terrorists (awesome!)

  • May have a training mode to play SF vs SF, but all other games will be SF vs Terrorists

  • Lean will return, ala SOCOM I & II, no sticky cover system.

  • Victory Dances of course will return, along with taunts and more...

  • After action reports with detailed stats / anayltics (largely built from the server backend and may be delivered as long as a day after game complete). Basic stats will be displayed at end-of-game screen.

  • No vehicles in MP.

  • All weapons will be available from the start of the game (no-unlocks).

  • There will be customizable taunts: text & possibly speech.

  • Customizable dances!

  • Game modes will be 8v8, larger modes are still under consideration.

  • Rounds will be alternating (for now, per Sears).

  • Map sizes will vary, ala SOCOM II.

  • There will be segmented lobbies (ala SOCOM II) whereby the top 1% can play together (Admirals) , the top 10% can play together (cookies & wings - commanders & captains), top 50% can play together (Lieutenant), then everyone else.

Gameplay "Feel"

  • No health regen (thank God!)

  • Strafing is likely in the game - Sears stated that he likes it!

  • Movement and running speed will be similar to SOCOM II.

  • Likely no body armor.

  • Jump to climb.

  • Re-load animations and weapon swaps will happen at "special forces" speed. AKA really fast, but still realistic.

  • Draw distances will be more realistic than SOCOM I & II.

  • Seeing around walls is confirmed via a static 3rd person camera, ala SOCOM 1 & 2.

  • Grenades will have to be selected via gear switching ala SOCOM I & II.

  • There will be a quick select, custom available by the user (pick 2 items for quick select) at the beginning of each round (may have a default option as well).

  • Melee / knifing is not likely. But the knife may come to be a discrete weapon.

  • The game will feature push 2 talk.

  • You can open and close doors!

  • May have limited or no environment (aka wall) destruction due to how it can be abused online due to changing cover vectors from debris / lag.

  • May not be able to throw grenades from either hand.

  • Limited ammo count (no exact number, will vary slightly per mag size).

  • There will be asymmetrical maps (the demo will be asymmetrical as well).

  • Analogue stick will be used for analogue based running; faster as you push the stick forward.

  • Grenade arc is currently in. Hopefully we can get rid of it lol

  • No encumbrance planned ATM.

  • Proxity chat is in!

  • There will be ghillie suits (like in DLC).

  • Weapon equipment (attachments, etc.).

  • Likely infinitely hand-gun ammo.

  • There will be a thermal scope.

  • There will be tie-breaker style maps with very balanced layouts for either SOFS or Terrorists.

  • Night maps are in.

  • Ligths can be destroyed, affecting the lighting.

Discrete Features

  • There will be separate rankings for non-traditional SOCOM players, which don't affect lobby access.

  • "Eshla grenadaaa" is in!

  • Weapons will have attachments.

  • Backblast from rocket launchers is in.

  • Medleys will return (composite of most game modes)!!!

  • The game will feature a ton of stats / analytics on player performance (exposure analysis, cooperation, responsiveness to orders, sportsmanship, hits, hotzones, etc), & clan performance, probably akin to KZ2, with a lot more stat tracking and details.

  • Spectator slots will be available for matches on top of the 8v8.

  • There will be BADGES! to show off your good or bad, deeds - ala MAG

  • H-hour will have dedicated servers, not player hosted.

  • Anti-cheat systems will be in place as well as analytics to identify "superhuman" behavior which can be auto-flagged and banned.

  • There will be a clan ladder system and in-game clan battles.

  • Lobby GFTU (green up) aka ready to play game will be a feature, likely after 70% green- game will launch ala SOCOM II.

  • Mobile App for clan management / community features (leader-boards, analytics, etc.)

  • Shooting will be from the hip with cross-hairs, to zoom you must hit up on the d-pad ala SOCOM I & II.

  • PS4 & PC players may co-exist at some point, it's under research.

  • PNM mines will return in H-Hour.

  • Lobbies: text chat & voice chat will be enabled (no word on P2T or Open Mic in lobbies, likely P2T).

  • There may be some extra "bonus" content, ala SOCOM I & II with videos.

  • There will be blood.

Ranked Games

  • No re-spawn in ranked games, but again, there will be options for non-ranked / custom games to have respawn on as an option- ALA SOCOM I & II.

  • Grenade launchers are not in Ranked games, but allowed for custom games. No word on un-ranked "standard" games...

  • Infinite Tie Breakers are in ranked, but there will be options for non-ranked / custom games to have an easier system.

  • There will be a main ladder for ranked games which are to be similar to SOCOM II.

Room Customization

  • In non-ranked games you can choose the number of player for each side down to 1v1...

  • User created rooms with savable configs, ala SOCOM II.

  • Custom Ranked rooms is open to the community

  • Overall room customization will have features similar to SOCOM II, with some additional options:

Clan Features

  • There will be practice modes for clans and players in general.

  • There will be a clan constitution.

  • Detailed clan management features with different roles (ala Dust 514 / Eve).

  • Built-in clan match rooms / lobbies.

  • Built-in clan forums / communication features.

  • Every clan will have a dedicated clan room that enables larger than 16 players.

  • There may be a clan-deploy option (not clear yet).

  • There will be in-game clan battle & tournaments with moderation capabilities.

  • There will be a ranked clan leaderboard.

Single Player

  • Co-Op may come later after SP launch.

  • SP AI will have a sense of emotion: fear, surprise, anger, etc...

Game Modes

  • Suppression

  • Escort

  • Breach


  • Smoke

  • Flashbang


  • PNMines

  • Claymores

  • Looks very promising
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SOCOM 1 & 2 Creative Director Making SOCOM-Like Game H-Hour!
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